**2021 Social Squad Information**

For the first 6 years of my business, each year I put together a group of girls to fill my “rep team”.   These girls were invited to themed shoots and offered a session discount in exchange for promoting my business on social media and to their friends.   This year, (class of 2020) I took a year off from my normal rep team to have time to study, be creative, and explore the next direction for my little biz.   

I’m very excited to announce that Class of 2021 will be the first class of the (new) NLP Social Squad!   This outgoing, involved, and confident group of girls be social influencers for my senior photography brand.   

2021 Social Squad Perks:

-$100 savings off the Signature Package (please refer to email I sent with attached pricing)

-Invitation to 3-4 themed shoots

-Free t shirt

-Opportunity to win prizes 

-Being apart of an opportunity that makes senior year even more fun!  


NLP Social Squad requirements: 

-Be kind, confident, and uniquely you. 

-Promote Natalie Lindberg Photography to all their friends (social media, word of mouth, rep the shirt)

-Agree to take their senior portraits with Natalie

-Agree to not participate in photo session with other professional senior photographers

(of course school, NCL, sports, family is all totally fine!)

-Share images from their senior session + themed sessions on Social Media 

-Must book the signature package + shoot their session between July - October - please see attached NLP Collections for pricing 

-Parent permission and paid $100 deposit


Interested in being on the Social Squad - here’s how to do it!   Monday at 7pm, the application will be live at the top of this page.   Just so you can prepare - I will need all your basic info, your insta name, if you want to shoot summer/fall, T shirt size and a recent photo (just something simple).  Please fill out the entire application for consideration.  

Now, heres’ the tricky part…Kingwood is FULL of amazing girls and in years that I’ve tried to “choose” - I just don't feel good about it.  Im a very INCLUSIVE person and it just didn’t give the vibe I wanted - it left some very disappointed.   SO in order to not have that problem again….My Social Squad will be filled with the FIRST 10 who apply.   I did this for Class of 2019 and it’s for sure the BEST way.   And if you aren’t the first 10 PLEASE don't be discouraged….EVERY senior I shoot is invited to College Spirit Minis!  

Spots on the team will be secured with a $100 deposit or the spot will be given to #11 :-).  Social Squad will be announced on Insta-story April 14th.  

Please feel free to reach out to me with ANY and ALL questions about the Social Squad!